Welcome to our official new website!

We started Deimos 21 months ago and today is the day we finally release our website. To launch a new business, build it up to where we have loads of happy Enterprise customers and high-growth startup customers, while not having a website is the unusual path most people don’t take. But then again, we’re not the most usual of companies.

I believe this is a good reflection on Deimos as an organisation. We didn’t make an announcement on Day 1. We didn’t hype ourselves up. We put our heads down, worked and delivered projects to clients we were lucky to have found. We focused on growing an exceptional team. We focused on what problems our customers had, not on what solutions we could sell them. Our work spoke for itself and we were referred to more customers by word of mouth alone. This is something I would like to talk about right here on this blog and will do in due course.

Deimos is a Cloud-Native Developer and Security Operations company. We help organisations and teams benefit from migrating to the cloud in the right way. We emphasise, promote & prioritise engineering best practices. We exist to further enable businesses through correctly leveraging technology.

Developer and Security Operations in the cloud is difficult. It requires deep technical knowledge, organisational focus and resources. It is very common to make implementation mistakes that end up adding more complexity, slowing teams down and incurring higher costs, likely the opposite of what the goals originally were. We know because we have made those mistakes already and we would love to help you avoid them.

We are a globally competitive, African based, world-class team of engineers that I am proud to represent. If you want confirmation, just ask our customers! We are cloud engineers, experts, certified across all public clouds. If Kubernetes is our bread, then containers are our butter.

This website will be used to share knowledge on Developer and Security best practices in the cloud. I am grateful for the engineers who endured my demands on this website and thank them for their patience. May this small note be the start of much more information to come!

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